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With an extensive background as a professional player and over 15 years of coaching and teaching experience, Tony Giannoni brings both his passion for player development and his expertise to the court, helping you believe & achieve!

Tony's coaching credentials include high-performing collegiate tennis teams at the University of Florida, the University of Oregon, and the University of Central Florida. Tony transitioned to Pickleball, both playing as a 5.5+ rated professional and coaching several nationally ranked Pickleball professionals.  Located in Central Florida, Tony is IPTPA (Level 2) certified and has introduced many to the excitement of Pickleball through local and regional clinics & lessons. Tony's education includes a Masters Degree in Sport and Performance Psychology.  

Tony's passion is helping others learn and apply skill and strategy concepts, ensuring every lesson is aligned with your goals.  Beginners quickly learn the basics, advanced players refine and strengthen skills. Book your lesson or clinic today at ClearOne Sports Centre (indoor).

What some pickleball students say:  

"I was a nervous beginner! Tony is patient and taught me the basics of both the movements and the game. I was able to begin playing after my first lesson. With each lesson I can apply what I learned and I'm getting better"


- Raphael G.

"I was stuck! I knew the game but was not happy with my performance. Tony observed my strengths and weaknesses and helped my understand how to build my skills and apply better strategy. Tony helped me see I was being lazy and not focusing on improving my weaknesses"


- Kevin H.

"I now have a two handed backhand.  Thank you Tony, you are the only one I've worked with that helped me achieve my goal to be a better banger."


- M.O.

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